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About Us

For the Love of  Gelato

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that gelato makes everything better. Since 2004, Gelatomio has been striving to introduce authentic gelato to the Malaysian market. The makings of Authentic Italian Gelato should first start with quality natural ingredients, low overrun and using more milk compared to cream resulting in a creamy, dense but lower in fat frozen treat. Thus our tagline, "Healthier Temptations, Natural Indulgence"


During the pandemic, our customers have been asking where can they purchase our gelato in home friendly size packaging besides having it at our foodservice clientele's outlets .The solution --> Our online Gelato Shop. 

We have streamlined our new Gelatomio Shop, to make purchasing for the people of Klang Valley and surrounding areas simpler!  Savour the best Italian vibes with a scoop or tub of pure, unparalleled gelato goodness delivered to your doorstep.

Browse our shop page to find out more about our collection of deliciously decadent flavours and unique creations. 

If you are looking for bulk purchase, foodservice supply or ice cream contract manufacturer, you may check out our products and food safety certifications at or contact us. 


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